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I'm hoping I can find some information that is somewhat more definitive than what I've been hearing......which is all over the place.

I am having some articles written for a site I'm putting up, and this was my first major outsourcing job. I just got back the first batch of articles to review. My only problem with many of the articles is how late the first use of the keyword is and how early the last use is.

I have heard several different things about this.

- Keywords in first and last sentence
- Keywords in first 50 and last 50 words
- Keywords in first and last paragraph

I also want my articles to generally be in the 1.5-2% range which is no problem.

What do I really need in order to get Google to love me when it comes to first and last use of keywords?

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    I always use the keyword in the title, the first sentence, and scattered throughout (naturally) to make up percentage.

    As far as outsourcing, I always read over what I get back before I do any posting. I've used a few writers who did good work, but I needed to do some minor revision before publishing. If the content is good and solid, you may need to do the same.

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    Don't forget about your meta tags: 1 h1, 1 h2 and multiple h3 titles with 1 keyword in each. Also, break out the thesaurus and use industry jargon. Google understands what kind of language should be present on a page depending on the topic. Most important, don't forget the quality backlinks.
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    Include your keywords in a natural way. Write for people.... that's just the way it is. If you are using wordpress, use SEO plugins such as All In One SEO Pack. It's just a small part of how Google rank it. And believe me, no matter how well you SEO a certain page, it won't still rank most of the time because that is not the only factor that affects it.

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    Place your keywords as follows :
    The page title - within the <title> tags of your page
    Page headline - The very first sentence on your page
    Content Sub-Heading - break up your content into headings
    Throughout content at 2-3% density but make sure your content makes sense!

    Some people believe that quality suffers when you write for SEO; and it is true that a poorly optimized page with load of backlinks can beat a high optimized page with minimal backlinks. So you can still strike a balance here.
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