What is reciprocal link ?

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What is reciprocal link ?
Can anybody help out there.
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    It is when you link to a site and they have a link back to yours.


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    When two websites are connected to each other through text or image links, we can say that reciprocal links have got established between them. A few years ago, such link building methods were very hot and thousands of sites, in various niches, were found exchanging links with each other and their PR plus web ranks got improved in the course of time but it seems that such linking patterns have lost effectiveness.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with the original concept and logic behind establishing such kinds of two way links but if you are seriously looking for exchanging links with your web colleague or other sites which are related to your site, try picking the established portals and use only a few of such links. It is also recommended not to reciprocate links with any commercial directories.
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    Simply it is an agreement between two web masters to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other's web site
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    When the two sites are linking to each other sites that is call reciprocal link. But you need to find some good sites to link with them.
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    It is one when you submit your link to anther site and then they link back to your site.
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      A reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters to provide with their own website to each other's website.
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    Well it's really simple like what everyone was saying:

    It's where you have a link on say your friend's website for example, and he has a link on your website.

    You guys just traded links to each others sites basically.
    It's really that simple.

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    Originally Posted by rising_sun View Post

    What is reciprocal link ?
    Can anybody help out there.
    It's when you link to someones site and they return a link back to your site from the site your linking to.


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  • Only thing to add perhaps is that reciprocal linking was the original type of linking that webmasters did in the early days did to elevate their domain(s).

    It's still valid to some degree, though not as effective as it once was.

    Natrual linking is the best kind of linking you can get.
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    Reciprocal means share your link with other site also share link with your site. for instance site A to Site B to Site A. It is not good SEO practice, because sale counts, profits and customers are also shared with other sites. Reciprocal also called as two way links.
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    Reciprocal linking is called as exchange of links. when you take a back link from any website, in return you give link to that site on your website/page.
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    "You link to my site and I will link back to you"- This is called reciprocal linking and the link created this way is called reciprocal link.
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    Below are six e-mail templates and a couple of subject lines which you can use when e-mailing other webmasters proposing a link exchange with him or her.
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    Almost in reciprocal link exchange, somebody place your link on his site and you have placed their link at your site (link of the same site on which your link was up).
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