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First up, Hi All,

Im new to this forum,but have been picking up tips from here from the past week,thought id take the plunge and register ! gotta say there is a plether of knowledge here !!

i have a "small question" ?

So here goes> if i have a small website (mine) with 5 pages,would i get any benefit from creating backlink to them?(the other 4 pages ) or should i stay at top level?

i have only had my site up for about 2 weeks,its monetized (adsense-affiliatefuture) so if you do happen to take a ganders at it,please be kind as im still trying to "professionalise" it !!!!

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    I have sites that where each page is optimized and backlinked. That way, I show for those words as well in search results. Additionally, each page is dedicated to a subniche of the main keyword of the site.

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      thaks for that, i currently run wordpress, i have the seo widget,all pages optimised, keywords and desciption for all pages,but they can relate to the main page keywords.........so would i be in saying that i should backlink ALL pages? aswell as the main? i was under the impression google would pick up my sitemap i submitted,and somehow use that !!!:confused:

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    It depends on your keywords selection. If your site doesn't contain too many keywords then try to get rank all keywords for your homepage. It will give increase your top level backlinks along with keyword ranking benefit.
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      any constructive suggestions are welcome, my web is my signature......( be kind )

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        You should link 65-80% of the time to your home page, and
        link to every sub page off the home page, and every other
        page for that matter. Like with a sidebar of links, all the same,
        on all pages.

        The other 30% or so of the time, link to other pages. Like at
        the end of blog posts.

        PR flows downhill. Those who are in the know, know that they
        can get a high ranking page just through internal linking alone.
        I mean some of us want authority sites. Tons of content.
        You can't build backlinks to each and every page. At least not
        in large enough numbers. Wikipedia is a classic example of
        internal linking using this model, although they they obviously only
        have related and main page linking.

        But with 5 pages, you may consider either expanding, or making
        a killer-one page site, the rest a blog.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Maybe I'm blind?

    I don't see a "Privacy Policy" on that Adsense site in your sig (OP).
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      I usually build about 90% of my links to the homepage and the other 10% to internal pages. It's working for me and I do find I'm able to rank for multiple keywords.
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    Just a heads up on the right hand side of your site there are 2 Adsense skyscrappers.

    On the top it says "Useful Links" I believe that's against Adsense TOS. You should check into that before you get banned.

    If I remember correctly you can only put "sponsored links" or something like that.

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