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Hi Everyone,

I am partner/co-owner of a video production company. I am looking to get quality backlinks, so I can rank higher in Google. I have no idea where to look for these backlinks. I dont know what do-follow/don't-follow sites are, etc. Can anyone give me some examples of where I can go to find some good backlinks?

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    You can create some press releases, write some articles with backlinks, create some squidoo, hubpages or other web 2.o entities.
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    You can get backlinks from profiles,web2.0 sites and many article directories,blog commenting,blog post find many offers here Warriors For Hire,
    Even Myself giving those services.
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    Firstly, let's hit "dofollow" and "nofollow". There are some sites which decide to put the tag "rel=nofollow" in their HTML. This instructs search engines not to count the link toward the "link juice" (benefits from backlinking) of the linked site. So if you want the search engines to recognize your backlinks, your best bet is to use mostly "dofollow" links. There is no "dofollow" HTML tag - it just means a site which DOESN'T use the "nofollow" tag.

    Check out WSOs (like the one in my sig ) for some good resources on backlinking.
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    Nofollow links will not help you rank, because Google Spiders cannot crawl them. In terms of links, keep your links diverse and your link building consistent. Look into Blog Comments, Forum Profile Links, Social Bookmarking Links, Press Release Links, Web 2.0 links, Link Pyramids, and Article Submissions.


    Comments, Profiles, Pyramids, Bookmarks, Article Submissions, Web 2.0 Creation, & Much MORE
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      To find nofollow/dofollow links you can use the plugin nodofollow for firefox


      I don't thinkl it's working on the 4.0 firefox but it works on the older version

      Pink for NoFollow
      Purple for DoFollow


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    I also like to suggest forum posting, blog commenting and article writing in getting good quality backlinks.

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    In my experience, blog commenting, forum posting and article writing are the three of the most effective ways in getting good quality backlinks.
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    • Hi,

      I think it can be a mind field you need to create back-links that look natural the SE's spiders are getting better at recognizing when you are fudging the system. So if possible vary as much as you can about the data that is used to make the back link look as natural as possible

      a) article submission create 3 articles with 2 backlinks (in anchor text) if possible to different pages on your site make sure that the anchor text is set to the keyword (or close to it). Submit these articles to 3 decent submission sites something like ezinearticles, goarticles, etc

      b) You could also use a decent article spinner tool to respin these articles and submit them to other submission sites again each with a couple of backlinks in

      c) Then as some of the other people suggested, web 2.0 sites (hubpages, Squidoo etc) but these can be quite picky and may just delete the account if it does not look plausible so its worth putting some effort in here.

      d) Next what about blog commenting you can still find high ranking blogs and comment on some of them which may also get you some decent back-links

      e) Then again as some of the other people suggested the PR sites are very powerful in terms of back-links so build yourself a press release or 2.

      At the end of the day generally you don't need hundreds of back-links, but the ones you do have need to be good in terms of anchor text, plausibility of the link, look natural.

      You can often easily beat other sites that do have hundreds of links the reason for this is that if the links do not satisfy the aboves tests then they will NOT accrue link juice no matter how many of them you have.

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    Anchored Backlinks are necessary to get ranked for any specific keyword. If you are using Firefox, then you can install its addon for Dofollow and NoFollow links. These addon will highlight dofollow and nofollow in different colors. Just search in Firefox addon sections for Dofollow Nofollow addon.

    Link containing Nofollow attribute are not followed by Google most of the times. So from SEO point of view you need majority of dofollow links pointing to your site with your desired keyword.

    There are different ways to create backlinks for your site including blog commenting, forum posting, web 2.0 creation, article submission, social bookmarking, directory submission, forum profiles etc

    Blog commenting is the best way of building backlinks to your site if you have access to high PR blogs. All other linkbuilding techniques have mostly No Pagerank (not in case of paid backlinks). You will be facing dofollow and nofollow issue mostly in blog commenting. A high PR backlink can add much value to SERP for your site.

    Forum posting is as simple as you are posting here at warrior with your link to video site in signature. Posting in niche related forum can bring referral traffic alongwith linkjuice benefit.

    Web 2.0
    includes free hosted blogs like wordpress.com, blogger, tumblr, livejournal, squidoo, hubpages etc. You need to create an account there and post your link inside content, will provide you good linkjuice. Make your web 2.0 looking natural by posting picture and videos inside post.

    There are different article submission sites where you can submit your article with backlink to your site (mostly in author section). Some of popular sites include ezinearticles. If you can write quality content then submit your content for getting backlinks to your site.

    Social Bookmarking
    can generate linkjuice along with traffic to your site. There are many social bookmarking sites available including Google.

    Directory submission
    is another good linkbuilding technique but most of popular quality directories will take 3-6 months to include site in their listings. Rest you will find a lot of people offering directory submission to thousands of directories with very low success rate.

    Forum Profiles
    can increase no. of backlinks to your site but these pages are new and you will have to face tough time in getting those profiles indexed. Angela n Paul packets are popular in forum profiles.

    One of the best idea for video or graphic media site is to provide share This Video/Image link to your viewers for videos/images. Your viewers will be automatically placing those links on their blogs, forums because there is no uploading or hosting issue for them. As a result you will be having a lot of backlinks at the cost of hosting.

    There is no need to build xxxx of backlinks in one day, (its another discussion that it hurts or not) but to be on safe side, first try to set a backlinking trend like 5 links on first day and then gradually increasing those backlinks will not create any problem for you.

    I hope this will help you


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    You can get backlinks by commenting on blogs. Try that out!
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    Firstly,Install do and nofollow plugin in Firefox.
    Then do submission in dofollow forum sites,article sites and also social bookmarking sites with high PR.
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    Since you are working in a video production company, perhaps using YouTube and publishing some commercial movies and advertisements about your first could be among the first tasks to do, this is the technique a lot of firms are using and the results can be amazing sometimes because everyday thousands of people from all over the world are searching the net, looking for free and movies in some fields.

    The second issue is about building links from resources and portals that are closely related to your commercial field or the same niche. Using search engines, spend some time surfing the net, finding blogs to comment on, forums to post on as well as directories that contain articles related to your niche. Writing articles and using your main terms as author links and submitting them would always help.
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      If you provide me with your keywords, I can come up with virtually endless possibilities how to get a relatively high PR backlink via a blog comment (using Market Samurai). I do it for my own websites and it works extremely well.

      ppcsluzby.cz/en - PPC agency

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    Since you are doing video production business, try make your videos more socialized will be a good way to get backlinks, add some buttons to make your video can easily be shared to facebook, youtube, twitter, digg, etc.
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