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I've got a blog and I've also just been reading about leaking authority through outbound links from your blog or site (SEO).

Since when people comment they can post a link, does this put a potential red flag up in the sense that if there's many comments, alot of your sites authority will be leaked?

Thank you
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    Just make your outbound links nofollow. I'm not sure about authority but I know you'll definitely leak PageRank!


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    Cheers nettech,

    Is there any downsides to using nofollow?
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      I'm not aware of any downside to using nofollow...
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        Authority is derived from something else...

        BUT....here's the bad news. If your page looks like it's being populated
        with tons of posts with links, and it appears to be unmoderated, over
        time the whole page will start to stink like yesterdays diapers. That
        stench will get in google's nostrils. Many a page has been spammed
        into oblivion.

        Nofollow will hardly do anything to this. Nofollow does not mean
        not seen. Even nofollow links are spam.

        I have never seen any reason to allow comments with links on a blog
        that I have worked hard on to create and SEO.

        Your blog should exist for what it is. Not for people to post a link.
        People can, and do, get involved with blogs without posting a link.

        On one blog that I accept comments, I use intensedebate. That way,
        it's a javascript and no links are ever seen. But people can post comments
        using html, comment luv, etc. And the funny thing is, rarely do people post
        html and links!


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    If you are unable to control it then ask some PHP/HTML expert to set a redirect path for links inside comments of your site.

    Previously links look like this:

    But after applying redirect, it will become:

    I think it will not have any negative impact on your site and number of outbound links will be minimized.
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    I shall keep all these points in mind. I never considered not giving them the option to enter a website. I suppose it wouldn't be to bad as long as it didn't look a bit tight on my part.
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