Feedback on Shared Proxies vs Private Proxies Anyone?

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I'm looking to buy some proxies either private or shared. Comparing the prices shared is A LOT cheaper.

100.00 a month for 50 private proxies compared to 17.00 a month for 68 shared proxies.

What do you guys think? Are shared proxies no good?


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    I would recommend getting a mixture. Be sure to have at least 10 private proxies and then I generally buy 250+ shared.

    The privates are faster for posting and scraping. But the shared are good for PR checks and creating accounts.
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      Would buying just 10 private proxies for commenting and using scraped proxies from the registrations be a good idea?
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    10-20 should be fine.
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    When they give you a number at $?.??, do you get that number every day, or just once per month. It just seems to me that if you get ten proxies, or what ever amount, they will not be good forever, so I tend to think that this is a daily delivery of that number. But no site I have looked at ever says that number/per month, or per day, so who knows?

    Thus my question.

    Tim Pears

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