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starting at test

Big website with a ton of contest targeting over 30 keywords with over 100 pages ready to be published.

little website google sniper style targeting one of the keywords the big site is targeting

different servers, all using rss for most backlinks with 1 power link to each just to see which one will rank faster

under 30k in title comp.

4k searches a month

good money maker all around i hope both will rank in under a month..

any good tips out there or things i need to look out for in this test?
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    It sounds like a great experience, even well before you are going to launch it. I guess your second website in the long term might achieve top rank for your primary word because it will naturally get optimized to rank high in that niche, absorbing links using the accurate single anchor and containing contents suitable for that commercial field. Of course your first site could prove to be more profitable in terms of money making.

    For example, if you have it monetized through Google AdSense or other pay per click advertising programs, since a lot of keywords are targeted and naturally, so many long tail terms would be used to reach it, its page views and impressions online would be superior to the second site which has a smaller scale. Usually generating a lot of unique visits and page views can help improving click-through rates of sites too.
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    using rank tracker to track results

    small site is exact match

    hoping to get both to rank quickly new keyword chosen under 20k in title

    2k a month with main keyword

    4k with secondary keyword

    may keep a log on here somewhere but have not decided... was going to do a .info .org and then the large site but opted to just do the .org... im lazy
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      Both can rank well if you give proper backlinks to both sites..dont give backlinks to home page only ..do deep linking for every keyword.. here are few things you can do to get rank well.

      1. get atleast 2 articles for every keyword you aiming to rank for submit them to top article directories.

      2. use the same articles to create web 2.0 sites just spin a bit i know both are going to index dont worry about duplicate content its complete myth.

      3.take rss url for each directories and web 2.0 sites and go for RSS aggression.. create feed and submit them to feed directories.

      4. go for blog networks..anyone..i prefer to work with FTS or UAW both deliver results.

      5. do scrap box blast (mix with guest book )

      6. go for profile creation..

      this can be done in two ways..

      1. do it manually (you can do it yourself or hire someone..there are 100's of service providers here.)

      2. ask for xrumer blast. (but see how many backlinks do you need) dont over do this..otherwise you will see temporary google dance.
      my advice: (do this with linkpramind style or simple linkwheel...both are going to work and bring huge linkjuice.)

      7.analyse everything whatever you are doing and track results..
      repeat the process unless you get number 1 spot or hold first 3 spot for your targeted keyword.

      Follow this simple steps and you are go to make big profit..

      and whatever i m suggesting is based on my own expereince and tested thing..I m a service provider right here since 1.5 years so you can trust me..

      Hope this helps.

      Rajiv Kumar
      Skpe: rajivkumar900
      Email id : rajivkumar900@gmail.com

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    all the long tail keyword get a total of 60k a month and are easy easy to rank for.. the root keyword... still decent selling keywords.... get over 300k.. though only convert at around .08 during adwords testing
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    normally i would say i have my own seo but i like how yours looks a lot as well... may add 2 of those into my seo just for variation thanks!
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      Originally Posted by mrshades View Post

      normally i would say i have my own seo but i like how yours looks a lot as well... may add 2 of those into my seo just for variation thanks!
      sorry i forget one major thing, that is video submission...
      bye the way i m running several seo and website building service that is why i have suggested you above way it works..

      Rajiv Kumar
      Skpe: rajivkumar900
      Email id : rajivkumar900@gmail.com

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    So half a month has went by... all little sites are in top 10 of on google... and the big site is in top 20 for first keyword targeted....

    Targeting a blog for 1 keyword got the blogged ranged really high with no backlinking, starting some high pr backlinking.... using senuke

    big site moving up slightly slower but not by much... no longer targeting the same keywords, there are closely related keywords the main site is going to target

    overall the .info sites ranked really fast and are climbing ever day cant wait to sell off all these baby's lol
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