Question Regarding 404s and Disappearance From Serps

by SladeK
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About five days ago my site suddenly disappeared from the rankings for all posts and pages, including my homepage. I checked to ensure it was still indexed, and it is, so I began doing a little investigating.
Upon logging into my webmaster's account, I noticed that I had a single 404 error for the url http:// mydomain / comments / feed; this url was apparently being linked to by every single one of the pages and posts on my site.

Would this be a valid reason as to why all of my pages might have suddenly dropped out of the SERPS? Not sure if anyone has had experience with 404 errors affecting specific aspects of their rankings, I have read an equal amount of information saying that it can, and that it does not. So I figured I would just ask firsthand.
I 301 redirected them, so hopefully the errors will drop out of my webmaster's tools account soon.
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