When Backlinking Backlinks, is keyword in title important?

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When backlinking my backlinks is it important to keep my "keyword" in the title or can it be whatever it wants.

More specifically,

I have about 1000 Article directory URL's that I need to backlink through scrapebox but the 1000 Articles are from 4 different niches and I can't use a specific keyword.

Would it matter if I backlinked my article URL's with just names? The whole point is to just get the articles indexed anyway.

Your thoughts?

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    I don't think it's important as your goal is to get them indexed and pass link juice to your money sites, not ranking your backlinks with the keyword.
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    personally I feel its not important like what razorhound said the main objective is to increase the indexation rate as well as adding more link power thats all.
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    If you have concern with ranking then you can use your keyword in anchor text it really helps in getting good ranking in search engine
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    if you use exact keyword, you will rank those backlinks which will end up competing with your money site. If you use LSI keywords that are close enough, google will discern a relationship so you get credit for relevance

    Example: If your keyword is "dog food" and you backlinking your backlinks (dog food links), you might try "cheap dog food" or "premium dog food".

    But things like "dog chow" or "dog biscuits" may confuse google too much on the word relationship. Be smart about your lsi words
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