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Hey guys,

So I have an Adsense WordPress site that's starting to reach page 1 for some keywords.

I want to branch into a closely related niche. The question is, do I make a new site to get an EMD, or just make new pages on my existing site?

The new niche doesn't have any shared keywords. For example:

site1 could be:
while site 2's kw is: great red trucks

The specific niche I'm targeting is I'd say semi-competitive - top few results are 3-4 PR.

So basically what I'm asking is - how big is the impact of EMD vs no match domain.
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    if you can get exact, then do it. In a competitive niche it won't put you on page 1 right away (most of the time) but over time you can sneak in there (maybe in a couple months).

    In low competition niches you can rank almost instantly. I have a domain that is exact match and simply has the keyword in the title tag and it went to page 1 with no content at all and just the default wp theme
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      Hey Soulpower, I'm in a non-competitive niche and I'm experiencing the same thing for the most part. My target term is the same as my domain name and I'm top of page 3 on Google and top of page 1 on Bing after 3 days. Question though: do you have static content on your homepage? Right now, I don't really have any other than a little bio about me, and I feel like that's the wrong move? I'm really only trying to rank this website for this one particular term and I'd like it to be the homepage that ranks. So should I avoid this keyword on other pages/posts (for the most part) and just have one article on the homepage that emphasizes this term? I don't want to confuse the search engines by targeting the term on multiple pages, right? Thanks for your help!
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    You can get other pages at your sites as well, but the title should suppose to be different, since you are targeting a sole keyword, you better get new web domain containing your major keyword.

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