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I have read lots of people commenting on here and on other sites that writing and publishing blogs can be a good method for backlink building. Just how exactly is that supposed to work?

If i create a blog on say tumblr and blogger about the same topic as my website, embed a few links to my site in each blog post, will this help my site move up Google's results page. Aren't links on sites such as tumblr and blogger nofollow?
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    it doesn't matter whether they are do follow or not if google doesnt index them, try and get you articles published on blogs with a little pr. you can create your own blog on tumbler/blogger but its more effective if you just use something like seolinkvine
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    You don't need to put links in your posts. Just put a links gadget on the side of your blog so that it's on every page.
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      Obviously, it will be beneficial for you to get a site up in a google. as you said, you will comment on a same topic of you site, it will create a backlink and also increase a relevant traffic to your site. I agree with your opinion.
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    But still google give priority to these web 2.0 sites.If you make a blog in blogger and publish article and submit the link in different social bookmarking sites you will see that your blog will be indexed in couple of minutes or so.
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    Since you have got blogging sites, the best yet easiest way to build sound figure of backlinks is to do social bookmarking for your blogs, you will get results, hope so, if you do well.

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    study seo more
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      Really, You have got the correct information in this regard. All you need is to make a blog or any of the web based content publishing site like blogger or word press and promote it on social networking sites like digg delicious and stumble upon.
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    yes if you are blogging on similar topic and give a linkback to your site then it will be counted as backlink
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    Is blog optimization part of search marketing? Absolutely! Blogs are web site content management systems with additional functionality such as comments, trackbacks and RSS. Blogs are really no different than web sites.
    If you can optimize a document and that document gets indexed, categorized and ranked by a search engine, it’s part of search marketing in my book. As such, marketers should be aware of how these kinds of channels can be used within the overall online marketing mix. Blogs are one of many platforms that benefit from optimization.
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