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i'm starting a wordpress website. my question is which would google favor. a website with a static page with onsite optimization, or just blog posts as the index?
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    Before learning how to tweak wordpress I found it easier to rank well with static sites. However today it doesnt really matter. Google respects useful, non spamy unique content. With Wordpress its a bit quicker to crank out content quickly. You should make a point to stay on related topics with each blog post, otherwise your blog will be all over the board which will hurt your rankings a bit from time to time.

    There are so many seo plugins and misc tools for WP that it makes optimization a snap!
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    depends what the purpose of the site is? Do you want it as a news portal or just serving as the face of a company or somethin? Don't over analyze....google will find your content whether it's in the root or in /blog

    Just get content rolling...most homepages will show excerpts of a main blogging page, just make sure to use the <!--more--> tag in your posts so the whole post isn't on the home page and the post page itself...this helps cut down on dup content
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