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So i am new to SEO but i really enjoy it
i like learning about it even if sometimes it is frustrating. i have to admit that the majority of my learning came from blogs and forums.

so, while i was reading another post on here, i was thinking: where can you find more information about it?

Therefore my questions is: What books/materials/articles did you guys went through in order to get your knowledge about SEO? What helped you in educating yourself in SEO?

I am really looking forward to reading your answers
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    ...WarriorForum is a good start
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      I started at Page 22 in the War Room and started scanning through and reading over the threads. A lot of really GREAT info can be found in the back pages of the War Room and the Ideas, Strateges, & Plans subforum in there.

      Most of the stuff offered in the War Room is GREAT! A lot of it doesn't apply to me though b/c I'm not in the "make money online" or affiliate marketing.


      P.s. One of the first articles I ever read was "Desperate Buyers Guide" which opened my eyes to possibilities... There was another old PDF too, but I just can't remember the name of it!!! It was something like "7 ways to make your first $1000 or first $1000 in 30 days" or something... But it was a GREAT one too!

      Scour the forums... You'll find gold!
      scott g
      "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

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    • Originally Posted by atrbiz View Post

      ...WarriorForum is a good start
      Yep this is quite right. This place is a gold mine of information. Just spend some time right here and you can learn everything you need to know.
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      Originally Posted by atrbiz View Post

      ...WarriorForum is a good start
      yeah it's too bad it took me a while to find this place. I've been doing Seo for years and only recently have I had a reason to come into the forums to see what people are currently doing. The reason for that is that the bottom-line factors for Seo really haven't changed for years. Only the flavors of the year have changed... Boost factors like RSS feeds article writing and all that other stuff that gets hype going but eventually doesn't count for very much.

      That's the challenge you have in sorting out the BS from the real info you need. At first it's very hard but after a while it's just basic logic. But you can only see that after you've sorted through the amount of BS.

      the other forms of been to are full of people just running around vomiting things they have heard from other people ( accurate or not ). their only purpose is to dump their signature in the thread hoping to get a back link which probably don't count for much now anyway. Sure they will show up in Google or Yahoo but as far as actually helping you toward your keyword goals is another story.

      nevermind people that want to show proof or demand proof for things because the factors that really matter there is rarely any proof of. additionally threads like that get into senseless arguments in which people get so distracted by trying to prove their points you just wasting time. Just do what makes sense by the user... Which is something a lot of people don't want to face. And by the time you prove something another factor has taken center stage. One example is keywords in the domain name. That was like THEE hot topic of the year. Everybody flooded it spammed to hell... And now it means hardly anything.

      Some of the factors that are still happening now such as all this mass article writing that has been going on for years.. I'd say it's about time for that to change just like the other factors have faded away over the years.

      You have to acquire the mentality of a lot of the information out there is out of date or quite simply useless.

      The worst is the self-proclaimed Seo consultants that learned a few tricks and then think there some kind of professional and attempt to make money by selling you outdated information or information that is really help you.

      For the more experienced people they are easy to spot... For someone new like yourself not so easy.

      The bottom line is like this... if an Seo element doesn't make sense for users to your site don't do it. this is written in an indirect way right on the Google guidelines for webmasters which so many people ignore.
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    Browse the forum... there a re a few guides and WSOs that cater to learning SEO as well. Be active here and you will be sure to learn a few things here and there. The main thing, is decide which side you want to believe when it comes to many of the more complex issues that everyone disagrees on.
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    google's blogs is also a great place

    Official Google Blog: search

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    Forums is good to learn about SEO and warrior Forum is too good to make understand about every SEO Topic. You can also subscribe in SEO Chat and Google Alert. It will send you updates in SEO.
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      Forums are good sources of info but you have to determine what is the truth and is BS. Some members maybe misinformed on some SEO methods and you'll think of their tips as gospel truth.

      Better learn to distinguish member who have authority.
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    There are many forum to collect information about SEO . but i prefer warrior forum bcoz i got many useful information from here .
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      i suggest by reading forums.. you will learn a lot here
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    You've landed in a right forum men! You can learn some SEO techniques here and I'm sure that it will help you a lot. About that information, you can check it in Google for more infos.

    Acquire an unlimited access to over 2,000 eBooks with unlimited Downloads and resale rights for only $55! Join me now!

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    many thanks to everybody

    i got the idea: warrior forum best place to find good info about SEO

    i am quite new here but this is the only forum where i came back. found so many interesting information here and useful so i agree with everybody ... and i will come back for more learning
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