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Hi Warriors,

I recently installed a wordpress and just today I decided to change the theme to a nice looking one, so I visited some free wordpress theme site and got a perfect one for my blog.

So, I uploaded the new theme I downloaded. And I discovered was that the them has the logo "designed by the designer name" at the header with a link to the designer's site. Now that is not wrong, but was not right was the fact that it was on top. So I went to the "Theme Editor" and decided to change the link to the link of my homepage and also change the name of the designer to my blog name.

After doing this, my wordpress blog automatically could not open any longer, but rather this appeared, "This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the sidebar should remain intact". The most annoying thing was that both my wordpress admin and wordpress site could not open any more.

What do you suggest that I do to at lease to be able to access my Wordpress admin and change the theme.

Thanks for your suggestion.
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