MSN/Yahoo Cracking Down on Ads?

by covert
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I just noticed this week that my ads were not running on my MSN account, so I called up and they informed me I was in violation of their terms...

Now this is 5-6 years into the relationship...No problems with Squeeze pages or other sites designed to capture names, now they're saying you can't just have a squeeze page...

I expect this from Google, but always thought MSN was a little more relaxed about these things.

Anyone else running into similar problems with Ad Center?

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    sorry i have no idea about this other i will help you surely ...and sorry for your situation
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    The problem is that many people think that terms cannot change. Obviously they can and do.

    I've been saying for a year already to follow Adwords rules because, sooner or later, Bing and others will follow Google's lead. They have little choice and it just makes good business sense. Google is the leader for a reason. Yours is one of the first posts which will likely be a flood soon of similar issues.

    Recommendation: fix the problem. Read the Adcenter rules which are in many ways similar to the Adwords rules.
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    The target lies mostly on sites with a number of inbound links from FFA, (free-for-all) link directories as well as those involved in purchasing links from highly visible networks.
    FFA directories contain hundreds, if not thousands, of un-moderated, often unrelated links posted by users. By posting your link to an FFA directory, in most cases, the link is live within seconds.
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