How Does Social Media Help In Backlinks?

by Wes888
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I'm still pretty new to building backlinks with social media sites. I'm currently experimenting with Digg and am looking to use Twitter and Facebook in the future. How can one gain link popularity with these social media sites? Please enlighten me.
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    Social media share your website with different social websites and increase your website traffic.
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    but don't spam your link on facebook or it will be ban from the site
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    As far as SEO is concerned, social media is just another form of building physical backlinks to your website. They're mostly nofollow, but Google seems to give them good weighting, so its generally thought of as a good idea. Especially in the case of FB and Twitter.

    As far as site/brand reputation and direct traffic is concerned, engaging with fans and customers through social networks can mean massive traffic referrals, and thus, increased ROI.

    One of my sites is currently getting 102,000 pageviews per month, and Facebook accounts for 26% of the traffic (the main referrer after "direct traffic").
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    social media is mostly used as a source of getting huge traffic not SEO
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    MrWonton has the right approach. Use social media as a way to spread the word about your site so the backlinks are created from this buzz rather than the social media sits themselves.

    Say you have a funny photo: tweet that photo and post it on your Facebook page and sites like Digg and Reddit; if the photo really is funny you will find that other people will start tweeting and sharing the photo among friends; this buzz can then be spread to blogs and aggregate sites which give you real long last backlinks as well as bursts of traffic.
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    Ok here is what I think...The best thing about social media sites is that they are accessed by a large audience. Social media marketing can be used effectively to build links for the site, manage online reputation of the company, and even increase awareness and visibility of the site.

    Building a profile on social media marketing sites will help the search engines, and ultimately the customers, "find" the business. The profile should tell readers about the business owner and the products/services, with links to the business site.
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    It's really relevant. Google announced recently that they took Social Media backlinks into considering in their ranking so the more retweets you get the better.

    Also, Matt Cutts or Google mentioned recently in a video that Google might crawl your site faster if it has been tweeted that if you wait until the Google bots come back to your site.
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    Social Media are just for traffic...
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      Originally Posted by seoguru14 View Post

      Social Media are just for traffic...
      No it's not, as explained in my first post. Are you sure you're a "guru"?

      I wrote a post on the subject for a friend's blog: CLICK
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        Think of SEO as a tripod holding your site up. Ideally you want to have all 3 legs as strong as possible, though you can actually rank high with any one, depending on what the competitive environment for your keyword looks like.

        Leg 1 - On-page SEO, lets Search Engines evaluate relevance of your content to your keyword.

        Leg 2 - Backlinks, old way SEs use to see what other people say about your site. More links of higher quality = higher rank.

        Leg 3 - Social media buzz, new way SEs use to see what other people say about your site. More mentions = higher rank.

        Google is putting more emphasis on mentions in social sites, as combined with backlinks data it gives them a more reliable picture of whether a site is relevant to keyword and valuable to searchers.

        So to answer your question, one good way to increase social mentions/links is to "bribe" people to Tweet, FB share or like, bookmark, review or whatever, with a free piece of something valuable to them - info, video, tip, report. Give them the link, hashtag or wording you would like to be repeated around, and give them an easy path to share it. Even better, encourage them to get their friends to do the same - if what you've got is especially interesting/exciting you have a shot at going viral and the payoff can be huge for SEO and traffic.

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    If you profile has large database of followers then you will find a lot of clicks for your posted information and backlink as well.
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    We' are used social media for the purpose of more traffic.
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    Social media should be used to create "buzz" - which can help in viral back linking - and "social proof" - which can add to credibility of your site and give some +ve boost to seo efforts.But using it purely for creating backlinks - is something you should avoid. There are other better ways to create backlinks.
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    I use social media as part of my weekly SEO techniques. It drives large traffic and helps create some backlinks usually when others share my links.
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