How powerful are domains?

by Vulk
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If you were to buy an exact keyword domain preferably a .COM how much does it effect you and your SERPS? I bought a domain today and it has around 500k monthly searches and the top rankers are some pretty high authority sites. I really want to push this and make it successful but I get discouraged when I see who I'm against.

I know long-tail keywords are an alternative but I'm asking about exact keyword domains.

- Vulk
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    Exact match domains are very effective to get on top in search engine. Just you need to take your domain with your most targeted keyword.
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    I agree with caseyscreen.Personally,i made a test..i found free the domain "" , i made a blog on it (see my signature) and in 2 months i was at the first page with keywords "facebook best status" and "best facebook status". (75.000 searches per month)

    Also...about the "around 500k monthly searches" you said don't expect such a large number of visitors.I'm not sure but in my case the keyword "best facebook status" has 75.000 searches and the unique visitors are arround 34.000 per month.
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      I agree EMD is still strong positive ranking factor. Make sure page is well optimized for the keyword in domain and you are well on the way.

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    Domains plays an important rule in ranking of the site and not the SEO campaign alone the presence of your main keyword in the domain is very considerable fore the competent of your site.
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    In seo process domains name are too important according to seo process. keyword based name are too best for seo process.
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