When Could I Stop Backlink Search?

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Building quality backlinks is very important. I have known it. But, can anyone tell me when could I stop building backlink for my website? Have I do it continually even though I have got #1 in google SERP?

Please advise me. Many thanks.
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    Their no time boundation to stop building backlinks for your site its depending that how long your site staying on SERP in particular keywords.
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    You can't stop it if you want your site to maintain #1 in google SERP, others will catch up with you.
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    Well, I stop building links after I hit the #1 spot but if I notice a site rising up faster than it should, I restart my link building again, this is to make sure that I don't get knocked off.

    Hope it helped
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    You can stop building links to your website when your website has the quality to get organic natural links to your website.
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      If you stop to increase back links then after some days your website keyword position will drop automatically.
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    I think you should never stop backlinking process as someone else will overtake you
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    Never stop backlinking or others will punch you in the face and put you down! Its hard to get up again and fight, better be on Top and mantain yourself there!
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    No need to full stop. you can decrease your time effort.
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    My only advice is never stop building links. Being number 1 in Google SERP is not the reason for you to stop building links. There are many updates that occur in Google, someday you will lose your ranking if you stop your link building campaign.
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      As almost everyone else said, never stop building backlinks. Your competition probably won't.

      best of luck,
      Some people make stuff happen, Some people watch stuff happen, Some people ask, "What Happened?"
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    But, how can I continually build backlinks if my website numbers are growing? How to manage it?
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    There is no stopping at all.You should continue to build quality backlinks if you want your site to remain popular.
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    Yes dear you have to continue this working strategy...If yoy stop that your rank will surly go down...
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    You can't stop building backlinks for the website as off-page optimization is a continuous process and it should be done on a regular basis.
    Therefore, don't stop it. just reduce it if you think you have done overboard.
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    Backlinking is a never ending process. Even if we get the top of the first page, you'll be sure someone is looking at that spot and hatching a plan to take it away from us.
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    Hey backlink building is a continuous process and you need to continue. Maybe you could take a break, but not for long...
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    you can't stop the backlinks building otherwise your competitors' will surpass you, SEO is persistent work, however you can pay more attention to other keywords of your site. value can be transfered among your keywords because your website's weight and trust level improve.

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    When you stop your business you can stop building backlinks....
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    You should never quit backlinking to your site. Your competitors aren't going to. Right now they are working to take you down. You're not going to let them do it easily are you?

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    • Matt is spot on here. Just keep building links. Ideally you can get software that does this for you on a drip feed. I.e. 10 -20 links a day. Then every few months submit a new article etc and let it drip feed for a couple more months. It's a lot easier than you think to continually build backlinks.
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        Hi chemicalplant,

        You may not necessarily need to continue building backlinks. It really depends on a number of factors, including how aggressive your competitors are. Often, once you have a #1 position you can maintain that ranking by adding new, useful and relevant content.

        You may have heard the expression "content is king". If you have really great content you may be able to generate sufficient natural backlinks at a level that maintains your #1 ranking for years.

        I have a good number of #1 rankings on pages that I haven't updated or built links to for several years. Many of those are setting new records of income production month after month.

        The bottom line is monitor your current pages' income level and create new income producing pages and focus on getting those new pages highly ranked. If you are focusing all your effort on building backlinks to a page that is already ranked #1 you could be missing opportunities to rank additional pages.
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    The moment you stop building links to your site, the bigger chance of losing its ranking.

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    I wouldn't stop even if I reached #1. I think I will slow down the link building process. I don't want to throw google off that my backlinks only increase when I am not in #1 position.
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