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Hi All,

Which is the best strategies to improve Search Engine Ranking.
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    I think creating and posting articles and blogs for those particular keywords can help increasing the serp rankings. But still, link building is always there as the option.
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      while doing seo you should always remember that both on page optimisation and off page optimisation is important for your website to flourish and for gaining adequate creating adequate backlinks you can get desired traffic to your website....
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    Simple..get backlinks! lots of them!
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    • As most folks have mentioned, it comes down to on-page SEO and then off-page SEO. The first is setting up your site correctly with keywords, titles etc. The 2nd focuses on getting backlinks to your site. If you can get it right, ranking well in Google isn't too hard. It does take some time though, but you will get there in the end if you follow these principles.
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    THere are no simple answers rather than high quality in-bound links to your website.
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      My personal experienced says that blogging is the better option instead of other promoting options.
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    Tons of articles going out in all directions will give you the backlinks you need to go up in Google.

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    As they say 80 percent of seo is banklinks so you should have a good quantity and also good quality backlinks that are relevant to your keyword.Then you take care of onpage SEO that is good content and keywords in your title tags and meta tags.
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    Quality content can help you to earn good PR and backliks can be a large factor for increasing PR of a website.
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    Try to build max.. back links, make sure QUALITY*
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    backlinks and backlinks and more backlinks!
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    Before you proceed on promoting your website to improve your SERPs, be sure that your content is readable and not only meant for spiders/crawlers. Write quality content that will entice your readers. After doing so, you do some solid on page optimization followed by diversity of off page SEO. Try to diversify your promotion and not rely on one method.


    Never give up, Never surrender!

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      Everything mentioned here comes back to one basic principle, backlinks.

      Backlinks can be obtained through:
      • Article directories
      • Forums
      • Blogs
      • Bookmarking
      • API
      • On page content and url structure
      • RSS Feeds
      • And more
      Use your keywords and implement them any way you wish.
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    On page optimization and quality link building is the only option to improve your site's search engine ranking.
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    Good on page SEO will get you to page one for keywords that have little volume and little to no competition; page 3 for keywords that have, say 3-5k searches and 100k competition; maybe to around page 10 for a keyword that has a million searches or more. If you want to do any better than that, then it is time to start building backlinks.
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    Off Page and On Page Optimization will do and create quality content in your site.
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    you need 3 things:
    1. backlinks
    2. backlinks
    3. backlinks

    and don't forget about more backlinks! (:
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    I think you have to create backlinks from high page rank sites. You can create backlinks from the articles marketing, blog posting, comment posting, forum posting, classified posting, press release posting etc.
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    Creating good backlinks with the help of forum, blog commenting , social bookmarking and directory.
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    I have been using free method to improve my serp, posting on free classified site is good for me
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    You need to built the quality back links not quantity ,,,,,
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    Creating squidoo lens and hub page is a good strategy to improve search engine ranking.
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