Does Blog Commenting still valid ?

by veeco
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Hello Guys,

One of my SEO method is blog commenting, but after read this article:
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Hard facts about comment spam

i'm thinking if its still effective ? i do blog comment 'ethically' means i do it manually, read the articles, and join the conversation... not just 'Nice Site','Wonderful thought' , or something like that...

Please share your thought
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    Well the bottom line about that article is that there are way to many SEO companies that are doing what I call "AUTO BLOGGING" and it's turning into the most ridiculous amounts of spam I've ever seen. My personal spam filter "AVH" that I run on my wordpress website/server picks up about 300 people a day that are trying to spam it with crap from foreign countries... I'm in the US obviously. In any event. I think Blogging right now is CRITICAL to your PR (authority, Page Rank) and online success. If you stop blogging you will see a dramatic DROP in the PR of your site as well as the overall traffic.. Stay active, keep articles coming, but NEVER use an "AUTOMATIC SUBMISSION" site to do this... EVER!



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    Blog commenting is still working. However using only blog comments as your main backlink source is never wise.

    Your backlinks must appear as natural as possible, so I recommand you to get backlinks from different sources like:

    - blog comments
    - homepage backlinks
    - articles
    - videos
    - forums

    If in the end google decides to devalue one type of backlinks it won't affect you too much.
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    I found this statement to be of particular interest:

    If I spammed comment fields of third party sites, what should I do?

    If you used this approach in the past and you want to solve this issue, you should have a look at your incoming links in Webmaster Tools. To do so, go to the Your site on the web section and click on Links to your site. If you see suspicious links coming from blogs or other platforms allowing comments, you should check these URLs. If you see a spammy link you created, try to delete it, else contact the webmaster to ask to remove the link. Once you've cleared the spammy inbound links you made, you can file a reconsideration request.

    Honestly, a "reconsideration request" as if "bad inbound links" can hurt your site rankings?

    They seriously need to remove that if it is not true.

    Hmmm...looks like I'll be buying XRummer after all...Time to go Google-Bowling...
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  • yes if comment is according to to blog then its definitely useful
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    Yes it is still effective...but your comment must be approved..
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    Try to be the first comment on freshly updated blogs, and if it's an old post, check to see if there are a bunch of spammy comments.. This will let you know it's probably not a good place to put your link..


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    i usually find blog with scrapebox and comment on it manually (for PR 2 and above only), this is a full day 8-9 hours works.. twice a month... any idea to short the time but make it still naturally ?

    ps: i don't care if it do follow or no follow...

    i work on web consultant and creative agency in indonesia..

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    You are referring to a post that was written on 2009.

    Yes, blog commenting still works!

    no sig

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    Yes, it is still effective. In that article said to promote site without comment spam:
    • Disallow anonymous posting.
    • Use CAPTCHAs and other methods to prevent automated comment spamming.
    • Turn on comment moderation.
    • Use the "nofollow" attribute for links in the comment field.
    • Disallow hyperlinks in comments.
    • Block comment pages using robots.txt or meta tags
    So do not make comment 'Nice Site','Wonderful thought' , or something like that...stay comment according to the topic. Although attribute "nofollow" we still look that back link approve by Google
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  • Blog commenting is alive and well. The key for me is two factors:

    1) Try to find high PR pages to leave a comment on. This is PR2, PR3, PR4 and PR5 pages.
    2)In order to get your comment published, actually read the article, quote a piece of it, then add your views on it. This will prevent the webmaster from thinking you are spamming them and they will be far more likely to publish your post.
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  • yes buddy blog commenting is still alive but it now not so much effective to draw traffic. when you are commenting on any site or blog make sure that you comments are very good and editor will like it. site owners should be impressed by your comments. it is a good trick to quote some para of articles and make your review. owner will surely believe that you have read the article.

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    Yes it is still valid. Remember the basic: do not leave spammy comment. If you choose to do so, with the advanced Google algorithm, your effort in leaving these kinds of comments would be in trash.

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    Blog commenting is a valid way of increasing back links of a website.
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