Did Squidoo just take a hit?

by ocd
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As of tonight, all of my Squidoo lenses are gone. They went from #1 thu #3 Google page 1 rankings to never-never land. 3 different industries, no connecting linkwheels.


Either way, time to change gears and hit the gas!

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    I don't think so it is enough time to judge this thing. Websites move up and down in search engines. My good websites also sometimes completely disappear from the search engines but usually return back in few hours. Pretty normal.
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    Well, my last month revenue is down 50%
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    I would say, wait, analyze & then create the strategy again.
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    As with all sites, your Squidoo lenses will bounce around the rankings from time to time. I'd say give it some time, build more links and see what happens. My Squidoo traffic has stayed pretty consistent over recent weeks.
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      My squidoo traffic actually increased.
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    Squidoo removed one of my lenses from their index. Its not public anymore and I had put good effort in making that one. It seems they are taking actions like Ezine. Though, ezine's change benefited me, this one is doing the opposite.
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    Maybe it's the google dance...
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      When you say your lenses took a hit, how is that squidoo taking a hit?
      That's "you" taking a hit.

      Not everything on squidoo is worth a darn.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I appreciate the input.

    Before I posted this thread I thought about the google dance and squidoo possibly deleting my lens for some form of clean up. Two of my lenses have been in the exact same spot for 6 to 8 weeks. I could understand losing rank because some site below mine built more content, backlinks, etc. But they are gone, I checked through page 50.

    My squidoo dashboard shows the lenses still active and I have no other messages indicating anything other than everything's is okay so...

    I have listened to the advice of not putting all your eggs in one basket and this is a pretty good example of why. Now squidoo gets as much (or as little) love as xanga, tumblr, and all the rest.
    The link of great joy and happiness...but this one? This is the one that all window cleaning companies in the free world are inspired by. Hey, where did the sarcasm font go?
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    It might be too early to say, but some Lensmasters are reporting that their lenses that had been dropped from the SERPs yesterday are back in today.

    A momentary glitch perhaps?
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    Everyone sites comes up and down in search engine but you have to maintain it by some methods which are Seo.
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