When you run Scrapebox, do you ping?

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Do you ping your comments after running Scrapebox, or do you let them be found naturally?

I am not having a whole lot of success with Scrapebox and I need to figure out why.
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    same my comments are not getting indexed like my manual comments would... Reason for this has to be due to the low PR of the pages it posts on.

    I have heard you have to give it at last a month to see them start getting indexed naturally, i'm only 2 days in with the program so who knows.

    Save the confirmed comments on a master list and ping them if you want. I think I might try posting all my links on a site of it's own so when the site gets crawled it will at least go out to the pages my links are on too.

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    For me, I just let it be discovered with Google naturally...
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    I let them be found naturally

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    if you want to make sure they get crawled, you can hook it up to linklicious and set them on a schedule to drip over a month or so. At least you know they are guaranteed to get CRAWLED
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    Why in the world would you want to let Google "find them naturally"? If Google crawled 100% of the web then that would make sense... But Google often doesn't find whole sections of sites - you web site owners know exactly how that is.

    You should DEFINITELY ping your links so YOU control when Google finds them. There are a a few services out there that do it, each with different features. Find what makes sense for you, ask questions, but most of all don't sit back and let 95+% of your link building time/money get wasted.
    OneHourIndexing.co - Fast indexing of your backlinks.

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    Personally own scrapebox but dislike using for bulk commenting.
    I don't suggest you to ping these link, it will looks really unnatural to Google and might get your rank fall.
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