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I am trying to put H2 and H3 tags in my wordpress blog but have no clue how to. anyone know how to or do I need a plugin to do so?

Note to moderators: I recently posted this thread and it was taken down please PM if there is a problem with the post. I do not believe I am violating any rules by posting this question and it is really irritating when I am asking a legitimate question and my thread is removed without any reason. rant over thanks
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    You know where type your input. There is a drop down menu and the first option is heading 1. Well just click this and change it to heding 2 and 3. Thats all this is.
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    Hey thanks I can't believe after all these years I have missed that lol
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    you can also do
    <h2>your text</h2>
    in the html view of your posts/pages
    to have more control and variety.

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