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by Erzael
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Hello out there. I'm new in the IM business, and hungry for learning how everything works in this interesting topic.
At the moment, I'm trying to find a nice niche to use, and i've already got a couple of ideas. But, i don't what it takes for the niche to be "a good niche"

Example: I've found a keywoord/a keyword sentence, that's getting 12-13.000 searches every month (that's what google adword's tool is saying). It also says that the competition is very low + the domain name "my sentence" .com is free.

Would it be a nice niche to choose?
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    google tool "competetion' is really for adword people not how competetive it is to get on the first page of google.

    You need to make sure that when you searched for your keyword that searced using exact match and not board match because a board match will you a much high search number.

    You need to search the top 20 competetiors in google for your keyword.
    I use Traffic Travis (it is free). Check for the age, Page Rank, Backlinks to the page.

    If you are targetting adsense you need to pay attention to the CPC you want at least 1.00 or more.

    If you are doing amazon CPC isnt as important but You want to target buying keywords. EX. LCD reviews BUt you want to dig deeper than that.

    You Can PM or email me at I do mainly adsense for my income and SEO.
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