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Ive put a small amount of money into Google Adwords. Before I go ahead and blindly waste it what are the absolute DO's and DONT's of adword campaigns.

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    Tons of things you "shouldn't" do.. Is it an affiliate campaign or your own product/e-commerce?

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    I'm currrently working on an e- book on some mistakes I made doing IM and figured I'd send you something from my section on adwords. I was banned in a mass sweep last christmas. In retrospect, here are some things I'd do if working with Adwords again. This is assuming you're using PPC for affiliate marketing as opposed to your own products.

    Print out and thoroughly read Google's terms of service for adwords. I find that printing things out on paper and highlighting elements serve as a reminder while working.

    Check the quality of landing pages. If you're promoting quality physical products and the company has a site with good page rank and a deep hierarchy of pages, you're probably in good shape.

    To be on the safe side, be VERY careful with Clickbank programs. Clickbank has some good products ( I recently bought some terrific woodworking plans there) but many products can get you banned by Google. Stay far away from, money making programs, get rich quick scams, miracle diets and things like that.

    Log on and check your account frequently and change or delete rejected ads immediately.

    Hope this helps.
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      I'm a little out of date on Adwords (haven't run anything for several months), so I won't go too deep on specifics...

      > The negative match is your friend. Use it extensively to filter out unqualified traffic. A while back, I was promoting the box set of the TV series "Friends". I found I was getting a lot of exposures for people searching for the kiddie show "Thomas & Friends". Added 'Thomas' to my negative list, and cured the problem - my CTR went up and my ad cost went down.

      > Use your ad to prescreen your visitors. Mention anything that implies something for sale - price, discount, free shipping, etc. - and you screen out a bunch of the freebie hunters.

      > You are really dealing with three distinct flavors of product - Google search, the partner network and the content network. All need to be handled differently, or you could go broke fast.
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    Originally Posted by TG12 View Post

    Ive put a small amount of money into Google Adwords. Before I go ahead and blindly waste it what are the absolute DO's and DONT's of adword campaigns.

    a small amount is like wishing to win the lottery your odds of playing the aces on your first bat are small, adwords is not a sprint with a small amount (akin to trying to win the jackpot on a poker machine with a few $) but more a strategic long term balanced approach as just one of the many avenue's of your marketing.

    A sustained affordable budget over a longer period would produce better results, and simply not every campaign is going to be that winner, like everything some trial and error is needed when finding what works.
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    I used AdWords for a while, and have a few things to contribute:

    DO utilize freebie coupons.. they are only available when you have a new account. For example is a great one, sponsored by Google themselves, but there are others out there as well.

    DO read the terms of service, as someone said above. This will help you find out things specific to your site which might violate TOS.

    DON'T advertise a site where too much of the landing page is "not your own". For example, if you have links to affiliate products and pictures of them but only short reviews of them, you might get banned for that site.
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