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I rank number one on GOOGLE.CO.UK for my main keyword which is great.
However, I rank at number 652 at GOOGLE.COM for the exact same keyword

I have been trying to figure out why this might be and would be grateful for any views.

My site is a DOT COM (not and hosted in the UK. (I have an illogical preference for UK hosting and I do have a couple of sites on the same hosting). I have followed all the Google Webmasters recommendation for defining my site as "worldwide' and I have backlinks from other websites hosted all over the world

I have read that it shouldn't actually matter where you host if you have a dotcom and follow google webmaster guidelines, but I could not figure out why I was ranked so low on especially when I see other sites which are below me on but rank above me on

However, I think that it may be that the nameservers at my hosting company are nameservers ie; and (not real urls) which perhaps tells google that I am UK regional?

Can anybody comment on this and why I am ranked so low on I am seriously considering moving my site to a US based hosting company (although I might put my UK rankings in danger)
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    3 things spring to mind:

    location of server
    address on website
    backlink profile (i.e. majority of links from UK based sites)

    you can change your targeting settings in Webmaster Tools to a preferred country, but this won't make a tonne of difference.

    I am currently trying to rank my .com (also based in the UK) in - it is showing higher in Will update this thread if I find a way to change this!
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      P.S. You should've posted this in the SEO section.
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        Thanks for both your replies

        It's not so much the discrepancy (I would have expected that) but such a big difference between UK and COM rankings ....... ranking 1 vs 652

        I am going to move my blog over to US hosting and see what happens!
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    I've been wondering this myself for a while (except its the exact opposite of what your trying to do), so I'm interested to see the responses. For example if I live in the United States and wanted to rank a would I need to get a domain AND get hosting from a provider in the UK?
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