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Please can some one share some tips about backlink building as I would like to know how it is done and done better...

What are the steps taken to ensure quality backlinks?

please share...
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    Kind of a loaded question. There's an almost endless amount of ways to create backlinks.

    If you're just starting out fresh, and I know this sounds stupid, but why not do a handful of Google searches related to your niche and simply email the website owners requesting a link exchange?

    You'd be surprised how effective this actually is, and how many website owners are more than happy to exchange links. Plus, you're getting pretty good backlinks if high ranking sites are linking to you.

    Again, I know it sounds incredibly lame. But it works. It was the first thing I ever did - way back when I was pretty new - and it helped generate some traffic and bump my Pagerank to 4 pretty quickly.
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    You just need to remember that it will be a numbers game when you're contacting webmasters for a link exchange. Not all of them will reply back to you if your site doesn't have any traffic.
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    My site is new and it was set up barely a week ago and I need to back links to shoot it up but I don't know how to go about it. What does backling entails.
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      One of the real problems when searching for good, high quality backlinks (especially when searching on Google) is you run into a lot of trash (GET FREE BACKLINKS HERE!!!!! and all that other junk marketing). Just dig through the trash and find what works for you.
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    The best way for someone to start out is generally blog comments. Also social bookmarking can be good (Digg, delicious, etc).

    A lot of people really like writing articles and submitting them, or using about a thousand other methods. It's probably best to use several techniques to get good rankings though.
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    Here's a great video I found about backlinks that may help you out...

    Talk to you soon.

    Mike. <><
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    well an activity named, "directory submission" could be adopted to create giant figure of backlink, just make a simple search for directory submission, you will come up with hundreds of research. However, you can make even better search by hitting the following phrases

    your primary keyword + add site
    your primary keyword + submit site
    your primary keyword + add link
    your primary keyword + submit website
    your primary keyword + add URL

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    Blog commenting and forum posting on relevant and related sites.
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    use social bookmarking sites do blog comments...
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    There are a ton of ways, try getting a wso on backlinks. The List Building Wolverine by Castleman and Rhodes was a great one. I got it for dirt cheap and tons of info. Plus there are many more in here.

    Good Luck,
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    and we can buy backlink from some site

    Acebyte Utilities Free not only fix registry errors, but also be able to defragment and compress entries to improve the PC's speed performance and speed up a slow windows computer.

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    Normally i just try to get backlinks from quality article submission sites like ezine article. Then i will try to get backlinks from high pr do follow blogs. If you are looking for backlinks so try to follow you competitors backlinks.
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    You can buy backlinks, outsource backlinkers, or buy backlinking software.
    here is one I use. 5 Biggest Mistakes Of SEO, Are You Guilty?

    It can be allot of work but let's start learning.
    1. Article's - You can submit articles to directories like ezine, goarticles ect.. with the link to your site in the article. But it has to be unique, can't be duplicate content.
    2. Commenting - you can comment on peoples blog posts with your link in the comment or your site in the 'Website' field. With this though you're gonna want to search for your blogs from this site: DoFollow Diver - The Premier DoFollow Blogs Search Engine
    Trust me, use this site.. not google.
    3. Web 2.0, and social networks.. Submitting articles to Social networks such as Hubpages, squidoo with give you high quality backlinks.
    Also, using your link in forums, also is a backlink.

    Hope this helps.
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    Link Building Method:

    Article Submission

    PR Submission

    Directory Submission

    Social Bookmarking

    Forum Posting

    Blog Commenting

    Classified Submission........etc
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    Hi !!! I agree Rollmodl and tessa users. Any links that brings you the great amount of traffic. Create great content. So forums participation will give good. But the system is changing Google. Nota bene. BackLinks will not trivial importance. Article writing the most logical ones. Need to place the article into the writings.
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    there are endless ways to get Backlinks to your forums,blogs,articles and social bookmarking.....are the main ways to get back links to your website....but try to use high PR and famous website to get back links....
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    according to my opinion you could buy high pr backlinks on actual pagerank pages and you can shoot on pagerank on search engine.


    Kind Regards
    Backlink Help - High PR Backlinks on Actual Pagerank pages.
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    Social bookmarking backlinks have been the rage for several years, or perhaps a little more, with web businesses.

    Its simple to attempt themany approaches out there but you can also have someone else do it for you. This is a main vein by which many internet marketers obtain insane numbers of backlinks. Using backlinks that are well known by google is very important. Don't just assume that Google is already crawling them. How quickly they get crawled by google depends on the site as well as themany things you do to ensure they get crawled.Many online marketers get backlinks from high PR sites, as well as instant traffic by sending out press releases. This is unusual in that you're able to do well in both of these departments. It's hard to find high PR sites that can generate traffic for you as well as backlinks.

    When you submit press releases, you have to know how to write and format them so the search engines will consider them to be valuable content. It's quite simple to learn this. You can easily find good sources to learn how to do this. Once you've created your press release, you submit it to one (or many) of hundreds of distribution services. PR 3 sites and above are your best bet, however, if you want to get the most out of your press releases.

    Plus you can spend just a little bit of money and use PR distribution sites that can bring you tremendous amounts of traffic -plus the high PR backlink.There are lots of software programs you can find today that help you with backlinking, or claim to. These applications are meant to save you time and effort. You should proceed with the utmost of caution in this area, however.

    Even if you read a very convincing sales page, complete with testimonials, you should do some additional research before you decide. You must do independent research because I guarantee you will find that the truth of their performance is not found in the sales copy. You can find better information on forums related to IM.
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    Thnx for the video sir mikecowles!!!
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    There are many ways to earn backlink for a website but you can earn quality backlink for your webiste by Blog commenting over niche blogs, content with niche related titles and advertising a banner or text link over sites to get backlink nad traffic for your website.
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    Always aim for good quality backlinks. You can use different methods on how to build quality links. Some said that forum posting and blog commenting are the two of the best ways to get those kinds of backlinks. But for better results, do all link building methods.
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    I have xrumer, scrapebox and xgenseo for creating backlinks.
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    Thank you everybody for your response. I think I know what to do now.
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    how about link exchange?
    you can have a try

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    Blog Commenting to high PR blogs, Forums and Article Directories, Content Exchange and Affiliate Programs
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    To build the back links I am using the various link building techniques. Like social bookmarking, directory submission, and forum posting...
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    How long have you got?

    SEO takes a long time to master, a lot of trial and error and a lot of planning and action taking.

    I have my own strategy to achieve top rankings and it is working well for me so far. However plenty of other people here have their own methods. It really is about finding one that is right for you.

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    Already many friends have shared their experience and technique of getting useful and powerful backlinks. I want to add "Guest blogpost" with this techniques. This is a good and useful technique of making backlinks. This technique will give you powerful backlinks and also direct traffic from those pages.
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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      Hello Dear,
      For Backlinks you need to do SEO..and linkbuilding for you site
      Through Directory Submission, Article Submission, PR Submission, Clasifieds Submission, And link exchange can help you to get Backlinks to you site.....
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