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Hi guys,

I'm not a whiz when it comes to backlinks like some of you are so forgive me if this sounds odd but-

If for instance 2 different "Backlink Service Providers" submitted my site to a handful of the same websites for backlinks, what happens?

I mean, are they both counted? Is one canceled out? Does Google see this as a flag? Etc.

Thanks in advance.
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    It wont hurt you, wont help much either. People often have sitewide links (a link on every page). The second link will still be worth something but not nearly as much as if it were on a unique domain/class C IP.
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    It certainly will not hurt you. If you go to some top ranking sites for fairly competitive keywords you will see that many of their backlinks are repetitive.
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    I watched a video the other day (can't remember where, but it was an authority SEO site) that said if you have multiple backlinks from one PAGE to the same link, you'll get credit for the 1st one, but the rest will be ignored.

    So for instance... if you have 2 backlinks on one page going to your homepage, and the 1st link's anchor text is your URL, and the 2nd link uses your keyword as the anchor text... you'll get the 1st backlink, but the 2nd backlink with your keyword is ignored.

    Also... you can have multiple backlinks from one domain, and get credit for them all as long as they are coming form separate pages within the domain.

    So if you comment on 8 blog posts under the same domain... you'd get 8 backlinks form that website. I have no idea if the "link juice from the domain" is affected... all I know is you'll get credit for the link, because I did this myself and yahoo site explorer has them all listed.

    Hope that helps.

    DeShon (Droopy)

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    Thanks for all the great responses guys- you rock!
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    Links from different pages of a domain have their own value. Because every page of the domain has its own Page rank, so all tech links on different pages will individually pass the link juice to your linked webpage.
    If more than one links have been place on a page, than they are counted to be as one.
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