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I have built a new blog and have a few articles on it. It is time to monetize it with AdSense. I am afraid to put the code on the site as I am thinking I have missed something.

I have my privacy policy, my contact page, my about page isn't finished but it is there. What am I missing, if anything?
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    No one has the answer to this? That is odd.

    Tim Pears

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    Privacy policy page is a must according to their new policy, there shouldn't be any problem if you don't have other pages like about, contact or sitemap, but its good to have them, as it make your site look professional.

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    I thought I read somewhere that Google expected you would have a method for visitors to contact you. But I can't remember if that was part of their TOS, which I hate to try and read due to the way Google talks in circles so you can't figure out exactly what they mean. That way they have a reason they can whack you if they choose to.

    But thanks, it looks like I have everything I need and can add my AdSense code and maybe get on my way to making a dollar or two.

    Tim Pears

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    Yes, privacy policy is must but I don't know what to include in privacy policy for Adsense.

    I think if you create privacy policy using any service then there is option to use adsense guidelines.
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    Minimum requirement of Ad Sense if you're really interested is that your website should be at least 6 months old. That's what it says there but it doesn't really apply. Always follow their rules alright. With the panda update everything will now be more harder than the usual.
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    Enter your Blog in Yahoo and Bing Directory
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