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what google needs to get page rank 2 or 3
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    NO one can answer that question accurately but as far as my experience you need to build high pr backlinks that are related to your niche. That way you will gain pr of 2 or more so to simple answer you need backlinks to get pr
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    Definitely there is no clear idea of what google needs. I have worked on a number of sites and greatly improve on my backlinks but those sites have never get pass 2
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      Getting High PR Non Nofollow links will make it more likely to receive an higher PR. Try to keep your OBL(OutBound Links) to the minimum and Nofollow all affliate links.

      The above is what works for me. Allthough Google will never deny or confirm it. Its in the nature of the SEO game to keep people guessing.
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    I think no any person know answer of this question, but I think backlinks with high PR website with relevant category is the best source.
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    Get more and more quality backlinks.For this you can do Forum Posting,Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking.
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      On Page optimization - title, text, url

      Off page optimization - quality links, mixture of links ( PR, articles, forum, directories, do follow, no follow)
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    proper on page optimization + unique relevant content + high quality backlinks from relevant to your niche sources
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    only quality backlinks from high pr site is what you need to get high PR

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    Create content that users want and will share with others would be helpful.
    Professional Logo Design
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    No one have exact answer about your question . But I would like to tell that google need quality contents and high PR backlinks and many others
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    Don't waste your $$$ on the wrong kind of backlinks - They won't work.

    Since Google changed the playing field simple text links are almost counter productive, and Pyramid linkbuilding is no longer worth the effort, whereas Contextural Links will get you almost immediate SERPS improvement.

    Most of the backlinks you will be offered today will be either, simple text on blog profiles or blog comments.

    Tens of thousands of both can be done in 24hrs using Scrapebox, and because of that Google is now giving simple text links less weight in SERPS.

    If you watch the latest video by Matt Cutts, Google's own guru, you will learn that contextural backlinks now have the most value.

    Contextural backlinks are links placed inside an article or blog post that are in the context of their surrounding text, so they look natural.

    For example an article on firefighting might have links to a firestation URL. These are quite time consuming to create and invariably need an image to get maximum Google juice.

    For anyone planning to create backlinks I recommend you to take 3 minutes to watch the Matt Cutts video on autoseosystem-dot-com

    If you recognise the change he speaks about. then afterwards use their FREE software to create some contextural articles embedded with your own URL.

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    Google needs good backlinks for your website to get ranking & page rank
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    PR is link analysis algorithm, and totally depends on quality backlinks, so if want to get high PR try to get good PR backlinks from some authority sites.
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