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Hi. Some methods I can track and others I feel like my efforts go into a black hole and I never know if it's actually worth my time or not. So, I want to ask you guys:

Does pinging a new URL do anything to drive traffic to that page?

I've been using pingler and pingomatic (when I remember) and it only takes a minute or so to pull it up and paste in the URL, etc...but that's a minute times how every many times I've done it. Do you guys think it's worthwhile?

What do you think about these two automated ping services? Any better ones out there?

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    poining is used to index pages, it's not to bring traffic to your website, it could but i wouldn't bet your earnings on it :p
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    Pinging a site or a website it learn search engine knows that site or that page has just been updated and they'll come and crawl it. Pinging can also be used to get sites and webpages indexed as well. But, pinging really has nothing to do with traffic.
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      I know the "official" purpose is to alert the search engines to your site/update but I have read on various sites that pinging brings traffic - I've just never been able to prove that to myself to actually be true. Anyone else do so?
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    I have never proved pinging gets anything indexed faster. I have had luck with social bookmarking. But I have found if I just wait a few days most of my links are indexed any way. At least if they are quality back links. I have used pinging in hopes of indexing but I have never found it increases my traffic.
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    I think it's best to use social bookmarking instead of pinging this way you'll be able to hit two birds with one stone like keywords for instance.
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      You know I haven't played enough with social bookmarking, in part because I started "internet marketing" back before social bookmarking was even a term, let alone popular.

      It's also because I was so discouraged by my experiences with reddit. It seems like they vote EVERYTHING I ever submit down in about 10 minutes or so. This includes articles which I think are highly informative and some that are both informative and entertaining.

      Does this happen with other social bookmarking sites? Any specific suggestions where this doesn't happen?
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    yeah ive been pinging my site a lot too, still nothing. my site was built like 3+ weeks ago and I'm still not indexed in google. Ive got no idea why. (no thread hijack intended)

    also, i didnt think pinging generated traffic to your site
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      In the past pinging DID bring traffic. I can remember everytime I published a new post and the traffic would increase immediately after each post. This was when Technorati could be pinged. Technorati was hot back then, as was Delicious and all that. You had all these ping lists being shared among places to ping and so forth.

      Not any more today....

      Pinging is just for indexation only; only bots would hang around ping sites all day long, not humans.

      Also I think all these social bookmark sites will die out eventually. They worked at a time when the internet was much smaller. Now the internet is spammed to death for every conceivable marketable term; no need to go to Delicious to find out about them )
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      I have to admit that I've never been much personal user of social bookmarking sites and have struggled to understand their popularity - seems an inefficient way to get information to me and I've never found them to be all that entertaining.

      I think maybe some "intelligent" form of social bookmarking may be in our future where the site learns what you like and presents that to you - although those things never seem to figure me out correctly

      Anyone have any other ideas where you can very simply bring some traffic, even if only temporary? - that is without getting your site banned!
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