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Hi guys

Just wondering if we have any video SEO experts in the house.

I have a video sharing site and im wanting to get all my videos ranked high in the SERPS.

The videos get indexed pretty quickly (within 24-48hrs) we have a google sitemap leeching the videos straight to google instantly after upload.

However i only have a handful of videos that rank in the top 3 positions on page one. And for those i have worked really hard with backlinking and so on.

Some of the videos i have uploaded myself which means i have set the title, keywords and description myself. So they are set for SEO.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Is there any software that will backlink and rss feed all of my videos upon upload?
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    go to YouTube and do a search on "video shadow". you will find a video in which a guy is talking about the product but he is either stupid, doesn't know the product well or both. To be honest I could hardly tolerate listening to the guy doing the narrative.

    However, him aside, the product gives a number of metrics and layouts that lead you to what you are asking for in this post: ways of promoting videos. I learned a great deal from watching the video even though I can hardly stand the presenter. I don't use the product but I might in the future I'm not sure the guys presenting it just left a horrible impression.

    One thing that is for sure though is that it appears that video promotion is not that much different then regular Web promotion. You still want to get inbound links to your videos, you still want to place keywords in appropriate places, you still want accurate well-written descriptions of the videos you are trying to promote.

    So the basics really haven't changed
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    I read that blast big number of links , not harm your video on youtube, but if you do it on new site - so the site can be sandboxed.
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