I Put My Site On Google PPC And It Sent It Away

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Hey Warriors!! Booyah!!!

Ok,, I set up a new site (sniper style) and it actually started out ok in the rankings on Google. Page 10 and moved up to page 8 in like 2 days.

It seemed going fine and then I decided to try using ppc to get some traffic to my site and when I did,,, my site was sent into oblivion! I searched for it back to about page 50,, but It seems that my site lost massive ranking after the ppc attempt.

Google said it didn't like something, but just said to read the rules. So,, what I'm saying is organically, it did well,, after i tried ppc,, it was gone.

Does anybody know how to set up a site for adwords campaigns? Is there any courses or training that people here know about and maybe have used for ppc?
I spent a lot of time on that site and don't want that to happen again.

Robert X
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    You can check this out (supposedly tips from an ex google employee):

    Google Adwords Campaign Management
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    It's probably your landing page. Check your statistics. Did someone from Mountain View California come to your site and start clicking around? That would probably be a Google employee.
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      Are you building backlinks? If so, then it is normal for a site to bounce a bit. Hell, it is normal for a new site to bounce around a bit period.

      And the difference between page 8 and page 50 is about 1 visitor a year.

      Not to be harsh, but if it was on page 8, the site was not doing that great anyhow.
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    Organics and PPC are two separate things. One does not affect the other so what you experienced would have happened without doing PPC.
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      Hi Robert,

      Just as Lucid suggested, in all likeliness your organic listing drop had absolutely nothing to due with your PPC campaign.

      In fact, it sounds just like the same story we seem to hear everyday on this forum when new webmasters experience the temporary boost of QDF, followed by the inevitable drop to it's truly earned rankings. I suggest that you should chalk up your rankings drop to the natural wearing off of the temporary boost of QDF.

      Now to your AdWords woes. All folks new to AdWords need to realize that every single word of Google's guidelines and policies must be followed. They are very strict and don't take kindly to anyone trying to push the boundaries. You can't get away with being mostly compliant, you must be totally compliant or risk losing your account.

      You need to study the program, along with all policies and guidelines. There are so many things that you could do wrong. It takes a good deal of time just to learn it well enough to run your first campaign. Prepare to spend many hours studying the system, else hire a seasoned professional to manage your campaigns for you.
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        Most say that, whether is on page 8 or 10, you still have work to do. You shouldn't expect any sort of ranking with a new site. You even very luck you were around page as at indexing...Just work on building back links slow and steady so that google wouldn't put you in the Sand Box. Good luck warrior and i wish you success with this new site of yours.

        Read the forum rules! And STOP posting nonsense one-liners, before you lose your account.

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