Help. Site Rankings Dropped After Launching Site?

by SPC
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So I had a site built selling swimwear and it took a few months to get live. I built links to the site and did social media etc., even with no site live but had a coming soon page set up. We were ranked around #4 for about the last month or so with the site being down and after getting the site up for about a week, we are now at #10 for that keyword. We got over 2,000 hits in the week

Why did google drop us after we got all that traffic?? Bounce rate was about 33.0. Is it that our site wasnt performing well in those top positions?? Or could it be something totally not related to getting traffic...
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    Cos its a new site, i'm thinking google bounce... happened to me a ton. I'd just keep building links
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    It could just be a 'Google dance' - as Captain Dynamo said this is not uncommon for new sites.

    Make sure you build good quality links consistently and it should come back eventually.


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    sandbox and fluctuating search results happens frequently with new sites. You'll be fine in 12 months!

    Seriously, good advice above - just keep building.
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    Originally Posted by SPC View Post

    with the site being down and after getting the site up for about a week, we are now at #10 for that keyword.
    As you said site was down and then up again. So this explains why it went down on ranking.

    I had a similar experience with one of my sites. It was down for a month. All rankings disappeared while it was down and not to mention the pages completely disappeared from the Google index.

    After a month or so I decided to bring it back and withing 1-2 weeks it was back to it's original ranking, all pages got re-indexed as well.

    The reason why it bounced back was the back links. I had pretty solid and organic back links done over 2 yrs of time frame.

    Regarding bounce - yes it happens all the time.
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    Yeah, Google jerks new websites up and down. Don't worry, continue building links
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