Yet Another Bookmarking Tool Question

by zeeawk
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Is there any decent bookmarking software out there for around $100 or less?
I'm not looking for something the requires a monthly fee.

Automatic Account Creation would be a plus
Something that ran server side with a web/desktop frontend would be a big plus.
Solving captchas would be nice also.

I've looked at a few and they just don't sound that great:

Social Bot (Seems like it got bad reviews lately)
Onlywire (monthly fee per domain, plus submissions come from my computer?)
SeNuke looked pretty kick butt, but it's out of my price range ($147/mo ouch)

I think the closest thing I have found is: Bookmarking Demon at $147 one time.

How good is BD? Would you spend the money on it or just do manual submissions?
Something better to spend money on?
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