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Story: My Q score is low due to poor/no alt text to images readable html text for spiders etc. on my website.

I Need: some one who can SEO/Adwords/Q score my site that is familiar with joomla, can do it without altering the look of the site, will do it legitimately and not cause problems with search engines, take my list of keywords i am targeting and help me have the site receptive for them.

tired of: everyone overselling their ability and under delivering, taking the money and running or knows someone who knows someone

i have grown tired of this and i really need some help so please if you can PM me with a price i would appreciate it or hit me up on skype.
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    If all else fails... there are other PPC/PPV networks that you could use that could give less of a damm about your site's quality score. You should also consider PPC on facebook. They get just as much/more traffic as Google does as well.

    Use PPC to find your "best" ad (high CTR), then flip it over from PPC to CPM and you'd do great.

    I have an Adwords account that I haven't used in a couple years because I don't want to fight with Google's quality score police.

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