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Tonight I was going through my strategy of link building by leaving blog comments when I came across a post that was titled something like "SEO how to leave blog comments". In it the guy/girl said to always use your real name and not you anchor text. Reason is that a moderator/admin is more likely to approve you if you have an actual name then anchor text and having more links approved is better then a few links with good anchor text.

Was wondering what your thoughts were on this?
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    I think you can go with auto approve site, in which you can place your anchor text (it's a must for cool backlinking) and you don't have to be worried about getting approved or not.

    I think abs (the name of auto blog commenter) sell the list of HIGH PR auto approve url to comment on just like $20s or something. Give it a try

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      Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

      I think abs (the name of auto blog commenter) sell the list of HIGH PR auto approve url to comment on just like $20s or something. Give it a try
      Do you have a link? A quick search turns up many results as im sure you can imagine.
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    Yeah! its true that if you use your real name instead of keyword than your comment is more likely to approved. But there are some ways through which you can also use your keyword but with less chances to be marked as spam. I don't comment of random blogs. I search the blogs of my interest and than starting posting comments. As the blog are of my interest my comments are ethical and add some value in the post so the blog owners love them. Secondly in the beginning I use my real name and after when my comments gets improve rapidly I start using my keyword with real name or just keyword.
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    If you want to target a keyword and improve its ranking than use anchor text in the name and if you are just looking for building links than its better to use your name.
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    Blog commenting is a easy way to get the back links. its take some time but its give positive results.
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    but what if the blog comment box doesn't allow html? where will the "link" appear?
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    Many blogs permit visitors to add links to the comment. While it is not easy to make your comments approved. Most of them are not auto approving ones. It can be time-consuming to comment on these sites. Harder and harder to comment on blogs now!

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      To make a comment which is helpful and people feel like to see in value. People will visit you if you post a good comment so again content is the king in the SEO means relative and unique information people will like so post informative comment on the blog which will help you to increase the traffic.
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    A good comment will get people interested, and will always try to get more. Always try to make your comments interesting and appealing than the spammy ones that get admin/moderators annoy.
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    Yes the thing works but you loose a backlink for your website because a link will redirect from your original name but not from the keyword tht has been used for deploying your services online.
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    To do blog commenting the correct way it is pretty simple,take time to read the blog post and when you make a comment make it relevant to what the post is about,do not make the mistake of just reading the title of the blog post to save time and making a comment just from that.
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    Yes,the better method is see other comments before posting your comment.If blog moderator approved some comments with anchor text,then you can place too.Otherwise go ahead with your real name.
    You can also target keywordLuv blogs for this purpose.
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    Well, it is very much positive to use the real name instead of keywords as anchor text in blog commenting. But if you place good and relevant comments, then whatever you name is, admin will accept it in many case. You have to be just a serious commentator. Nothing else. This is a very good process to get backlink. But most of the time it is tough to give exact and suitable comment.
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    Yeah, it works in many ways. And for better results, make sure that you leave relevant and helpful comments so that the moderator will not delete your post.
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    important moment is that ideally you have to build backlink for related to your niche place and also to leave valuable comment( it increases chances for your comment to be approved + can give you extra traffic )
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    I always use my real name. However, I rarely blogpost, as I believe the links acquired aren't very good.
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      Originally Posted by Halfdantimm View Post

      I always use my real name. However, I rarely blogpost, as I believe the links acquired aren't very good.
      Sure, they're not great if you're commenting on low quality, no PR, nofollow posts. But there are still plenty of high PR posts just waiting for quality comments.
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    you are right, using your name will get you approved easily but use '' | '' for example Fazal | Make Money Online.

    You have your keyword in that phrase.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    The best compromise for anchor text is to do something similar to:

    Thomas @ the Dog Training Blog
    Thomas (From the Dog Training Blog)
    Thomas - The Dog Training Guy


    It's not a guarantee that you'll get approved, especially if it's a strict blog owner. But I've personally found that including a name along with your primary keyword or phrase helps improve your chances.

    Also, make sure your comment is actually relevant and beneficial to the post. No "Great post! Thanks!" Or, "Is your blog using Wordpress?" comments.
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