Where has my backlinks come from?

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My site is around a week old so all i have done is submitted to a few web dirctories and done a few blog comments, around 1-2 a day or sumit, I used site explorer yesterday to check my backlinks and it said i had none.

I just checked today and it says i have over 400 lol.

I am abit confused but not complaning lol the only thing i am worried about is if google punishes me for having that many backlinks in the space of a week.
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    You shouldn't get punished but you need to make sure you are looking at the links from external pages only. It could be that you are looking at all links including the ones from within your site which gives you the total of 400.

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      Yes i just checked again and these are links from external pages lol

      If my links show up on site explorer does that mean that google has seen them yet, i ask because i used a rank checker and i am not in the top 100 and yes, i know my site is only around a week old but it isnt a high comp niche. plus i am new so i don't know how long it normally takes :-)

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    Just relax and continue your normal work. But check some links from site explorer that where it is placed. Then something will be figure out. But not to be worried I guess.
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      ok will do thanks.

      Has any ever used am auditor tool that checks you're websites on page seo, i tried one and it is bull, it tells me my %, then my competitors and it says there's are higher.

      And then it says but to find out how you can beat them purchase the full version.

      I know my onpage is better than my comp because i went through the top 20 to check if and what keywords they were optimising for.

      Some of them may have the keyword somwhere on the site but mine is every where on my site lol
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    check backlinks using majesticseo
    they have accurate data
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      i believe i know why you have so many backlinks even though you only have written few backlinks, som of them could be from blogs which you have commented, and if the blog have a "recent comments" fields in the side, then it will appear on all the blogs pages, and therefor the search engines think you have a link from all the sites same thing could be true if you submitted to ink directories, maybe just a field called "newest links" or something, hope it helps
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