Hw often to backlink?

by Sylent
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I have a 3000 backlinking service on my site right now, I was wondering if I should wait some time before ordering another backlinking service or is it ok to do more then 1 a week?
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    It's advisable that you continue to build new backlinks regularly for better result and to rank higher in SERP. I was told that backlinks you created today will reduce over time especially for forum profile links.

    So after 6 months, all your profile backlinks you created today will probably shrink by 30% to 40%, at the worst case scenario. Google certain don't like to see the number of backlinks pointing to your site are shrinking. This is why you need to continue to build new backlinks to replenish the number of your backlinks to continue improve and maintain your ranking.

    This is the advise given by one of the warriors in WSO. I believe this is true because a few of my pages dropped in ranking after few months.

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    This is going to mostly depend on the age of your website. Are you doing blog comment blasts or profile blasts?

    If you have a newer site, pull back for a week.
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  • Yea just keep a nice steady pace. That's all you have to do.
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    well the site is rather new. Maybe the 3k a week til I reach higher pages? the from there about 6k a week total should be ok?
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    u are saying 3000 backlinks in a day or in a month wise.....
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      Getting more back link is not important. but it should be a quality links. Create links from quality sites. Build more back links for your site.
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    Constantly building quality backlink and you should be able to maintain/improve your search engine ranking.
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      maintain link velocity. higher quality links much safer than low quality links.

      keep on building

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  • You should try to make your back-linking look as natural as possible so I would reduce the number but increase the quality of your links.

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