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Using SEO for Firefox I was doing some keyword research.
I was hoping someone could tell me why in the attached file a site was ranking #6 w/ 19 page links over the site ranking #7 w/ 84 page links?

I see that the domain itself has quite a bit more links pointing to it. Could that be the reason?

Any input would be appreciated.

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    a lot of factor involve in SEO, not just number of backlink. You must take a look at SEO on page factor too. Moreover since Google released new algorithm that called Google Panda, Google will more consider the quality of content.
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    Quality of the backlinks. That would be my first assumption.
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    Do domain links play a factor though? Or is it just page links?
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    Domain age plays a significant factor in organic SERP. The quality of the backlinks also have a significant factor.


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    Actually ranking depends on the age of the site,Content quality,keyword relevancy and also backlinks.

    The more number of quality and authority backlinks is needed than quantity of garbage links.

    Also the inlinking of the pages is very important in seo.
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    In my opinion search engine rankings is the most important when it comes to SEO. It is simply you can outrank the other sites that has the same keyword but your site has 0 pr rankings while your other competitors has pr of 5 or 4.
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