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Now i know that unique articles are the way forward and that its much better than using spun articles. But as we all know spun articles are much better when it comes to costs.

After playing around with a spinner myself and hiring a couple i can see that getting the material to read perfectly is almost impossible (agree with this?)

If the material isnt perfect then there is no way it will be published at the high PR directories like Ezine. But it should easily be published at directories with lower PR.

I am thinking that i can publish the junk articles (spun) via amr for lower PR backlinks. And then submit say 15-20 unique articles to the higher PR directories.

Would this be a good method? Or simply not enough high PR sites involved?

Sorry for the massive essay here
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    if your spun articles make some kind of sense and the article directories approve it, you should be fine....

    You shall Remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you Power to get Wealth
    - Deuteronomy 8:18

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    Do you mean if it makes some kind of sense i can submit to the higher PR sites? Or that my proposed method sounds ok?
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    If you are going to spin, then it is worth the time to spin your articles properly. By this I mean that they are very well readable in every spin combination.

    I personally take 30 mins to one hour when spinning as I know i'm going to get quite a bit of mileage from my spun article. I will literally squeeze as much out of one spun article as I can. So the time I take in my opinion is definately well worth it.

    I like to spin at sentance level so something like:
    {sentance 1|sentance 2|sentance 3}

    I will also go and manually spin some synonyms on top of this, but only the best ones. This will leave me an article which is very well spun for my submissions. I then export this in the spin format to a notepad and save it in this format. This leaves it easier to add to software at a later stage.
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    I also spin my articles manually. I find I can get over 50% with the sentences still being fairly readable. I then mix up the paragraph order for a higher unique rate. Never had a problem getting them OKd
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    I take it that you are using the best spinner?

    Teacherman, do you get to submit to the higher PR directories doing this? What do you mean mix up the paragraph order? Surely this makes it make less sense? This is very interesting.
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      To me it depends on what you're using the articles for. If it's strictly backlinks, which I'm assuming it is, then I'd much rather just spin some PLR, submit via AMR and move on.

      If you're trying to build yourself as an authority, or hoping to get your articles syndicated, then that changes things.

      That's my $.02

      Nothing to see here

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    This is for strictly backlinking. I just want to get my site to the top of googles rankings to hopefully make some sales.

    I am new to the business and semised that i need some higher PR directory submissions. I also semised that these sites would reject me if i tried to publish (spun) articles that dont read perfectly? Am i wide of the mark?
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    I only agree that it is good to spin your article maximum of 5 times, but if you spun more and more time then there is no sense of uniqueness and also the backlink value also decrease.

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    Make a unique article and submit it in ezinearticles like sites. And make different spun versions of the same article And submit it in low ranked article site. It will be more better.
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    What about not spun your article anymore. Just hire some people from outsourcing site. Give them a same unique article and tell them to rewrite. You will get a number of unique articles this way. This would be manual and fresh and good in quality.
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    Say i get 1 article rewrote 20 times. I post to high PR directories with these 20 articles.

    I then submit a poorer spun versions via AMR for lower PR sites. Sound like a good plan?
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