Yahoo Site Explorer, What?

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I have been looking on site explorer just to check my links.

and all of a sudden it says "no pages" it started saying yesterday, so i checked again today and it says the same :confused:

If anyone could help me out please
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    I seen a thread about site explorer and people saying that there was a problem with backlinks that were being reported from yahoo, could this be the same reason.

    And another thing, you know when checking your rankings and you clear cookies, does this apply to rank checker tools say if i did not clear my cookies and stuff would a rank checker tool give me a false reading?

    Thanks warriors :-)
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      I read a blog the other day saying that SiteExplorer will soon cease displaying backlinks.

      Maybe it's true....maybe it is not. Site explorer is showing my site's backlinks.

      In your case maybe yahoo has de-indexed your site.
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    Why would yahoo of de-indexed me?

    I swear i hate seo so much lol
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    site explorer is no more working....
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    Really o rite that will explain it then lol

    from the other post saying about de-indexed, so i checked in google and yahoo and searched site:......

    And in google my site and pages show up, but in yahoo it just shows my site and no pages, very confused lol
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    Yahoo is a multi purpose search engine to help viewers in their search along with news and many options available on the browser. So don’t think Google can only serve in better manner.
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