How accurate Google traffic estimator is?

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Hello folks! I am feeling some serious errors in Google traffic estimator. Sometimes, its really hard to believe on the results. Today, while checking for a keyword "membership site" Google shows only 590 monthly searches (exact match) for US. Just 590? Seriously? It means, in 30 days from whole USA only 590 people search for a membership site?

Please advise.
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    the estimator can be quite wrong and irrelevant sometimes ..

    however from my experience if the google estimator provides a 1000 exact match searches monthly for a keyword .. very rarely are those searches going to be higher than that

    I usually trust these statistics
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    So do you mean that only 590 people are searching for the term 'membership site' in USA? This is seriously incredible.
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    That might be pretty much possible .. why would someone search for "membership site" .. who is that keyword targeting ? what type of people ..

    I for example have never searched for anything like that .. if not for keyword research
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    It is not psrticurlarly accurate which is a shame. But the clue is in the name and "estimator" is the word to shake a fist at.

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    I find it to be pretty accurate. It isn't exact by any means, but it does give a great estimate. As far as searching for membership sites I don't see that being a largely used search parameter.
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    All backlink checker tools are not 100% accurate. So never give too much attention on its results.

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    it can be right and wrong also....
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      I'm not very keen on the traffic estimator. The last search I did for keywords was coming up with a few dollars for a keyword when I know this wouldnt be correct.
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    I trust google's traffic estimator... my blogs whole keyword research rely's on that
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    I think no one tools give accurate result, it give only clue.
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    the questions is if it's inaccurate like everyone else states, is it wrong in a proportionally way? for example, a keyword is searched 10 times more then another, will the actual difference is 10 times still? enlarged/decreased of course.
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