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This has been a question that has been plaguing me for the past few months, so i figured I would throw it out to warrior members.

Let's say I have a site in a chose niche, for example purposes well say dating. On this so called site, I am promoting my favorite dating affiliate program.

Let's say I start a second site and target the same keywords (SEO purposes), Can I have the same affiliate link that I have on my first site in the second one, without causing a penalty in google?

To put it in lamens terms:

So for example I am targeting the keyphrase "plenty of fish review" (im not) and site number 1 reviews plenty of fish, and then at the bottom of my review I have a link to my favorite Dating site with the affiliate url Exclusive Deal at

If I create a second completely different site that targets that exact same keyword, I have a similar review (but different as far as the Bots are concerned), and I post the same affiliate link (Exclusive Deal at, will this cause a penalty in the google serps?

Any ideas?
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    No penalty possible. Google couldn't penalize sites for using identical link anchor text...if they did, everyone would get dinged for having a link reading "click here" and pointing to Adobe's flash download link! LOL

    However, are you making all your affiliate links nofollow links? This is a good idea and a good way to avoid any potential future penalties if the program you're promoting spams Google.

    It's also a good idea because, technically, an affiliate link could be viewed as a paid link. I nofollow all of mine.
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