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I'm going to start building a niche website and make the income stream flow from Adsense. Now on the right hand side of the Google Keyword Tool it shows the CPC's.

For the keyword that I'm targeting the CPC is $12.33. Does this mean that I'll receive $12.33 per click in Adsense revenue when a visitor clicks on the link?

As far as I know Google just places relevant ads with how your page is optimized, etc. I'd appreciate the help warriors!
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    no you will get 60% of that CPC value...
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    No. This is the cost-per-click estimated for an AdWords user, not for a AdSense publisher.

    But anyway it's a good tool to make yourself a image of future money you will receive for a click. It's a nice payed keyword anyway.

    You will receive aprox. 68% from the money payed by the AdWords user. 68% from 12.33$ is somewhere at 8$. But don't imagine that you will receive for every click this amount.

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      in my experiance you get about 25% from that, but sometimes it can be even less, other times more.

      Like Forest Gump said: "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gona get".
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    With our experience, 50% is a fair enough guess.

    Warning though: I've seen a ton of really odd, high cpc's. They're generally around a brand'll notice then because they tend to stick out and are surrounded by much lower cpc's for similar terms. For $12 per click, I would expect that in some law, medical, school, insurance, loan niches...but if I saw that on "black fluffy rugs" I would be skeptical...
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