Mass Article Submission for Backlinks-does it still work?

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Does mass article submission still work for backlinks, now that the Panda update has been introduced?

I have heard different opinions from internet marketers. Please tell your story if you have experienced any rankings change due to mass article submission being one of your main backlinking methods!

I have personally did not see any rankings change of my websites!
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    Panda's just a big mess, who knows what it's all about and what other algorithm changes are underway since then? But I don't believe it was supposed to have anything to do with backlinks - its about low-quality, (non-unique?) content. However, I mostly stopped using AMR directly on my money sites - it only seems to work so far (top of page two, kind of thing). After that I have experienced diminishing returns. Makes sense because you keep getting links from the same domains, they lose their juice, even though I don't believe I have experienced a 'penalty' per se, I still don't like to risk it. You've got to be more creative with it - multiple tiers of linking, that kind of thing.

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    In my personal experience, article marketing is alive and well post Panda. I typically promote my Tier-2 and Tier-3 sites heavily with articles. The key is making sure that you're posting unique content that is well spun, and then of course backlinking and pinging them on a regular basis.
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    correct me if I am wrong but I feel if you are submitting to the same article directory, the backlink will not be strong enough because its coming from the same domain. Unless you are submitting to many different domain/ip then the backlinks will be stronger.
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    Opinions may differ but truly I have great reservation about article submission for backlinks. My experience tells me that article submission though claimed, is not a very good strategy for backlinks - even on ezine or such high pr directories. You may try by one or two articles and then decided after checking its results for backlinks.

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    I think it is still influential. I use thelinkjuicer and very useful
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