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Hello I have been coming across a lot of filtering techniques to use in google like site: intite: inurl: etc, I was hoping to find any resources which would help me in learning about the filters available so that I may effectively search online. At the moment I am most interested in searching google for videos on youtube which have a certain number of views.

Many thanks in advanced for your time.

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    I have to think the best resources would be on youtube, are you familiar with Youtube Charts? it lists the top 150+ for each categorie.

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      That is a fabulous resource thanks for the heads up!

      I was hoping that there was a way to do something similar within google so that I can check out pr of the page as well.

      I am pretty new to using such tags so I would like to know what type of topics I should look into in order to learn more about the topic.

      Many thanks,
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