2 Different Backlink Booster Products?

by Bryan
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I noticed that there are 2 different Backlink Booster products:

Backlink Booster at backlinkbooster.com and Sean Donahoe's Backlink Booster. The first one explains a little more of what it does than Sean's product but it's still not completely clear.

I sent an email to the first site to get some clarification on things and Sean doesn't provide a contact link on his product's site. I generally won't buy anything from someone that doesn't provide contact info because it comes across that they want your money but don't care to answer any inquiries. :confused:

It'd be nice if there were more specifics, to help get a better idea of what each can do and which product would be best.

Has anyone had experience with either product? I'd appreciate if you can share your experiences about the different BB product.
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    I am using a trial version of BacklinkBooster.com at the moment - the customer service/support is excellent, but I'm afraid that I have not seen any benefits to my site yet that I can attribute to this product.

    There is a 15 day free trial which may be worth trying out for yourself too...


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