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Ok, another noob question. How important is the domain name for SEO?
For example, if I was selling chrome plated muffler bearings, should my domain name have ALL the words "chrome" "plated" "muffler" and "bearings" in it?

Similarly, could I successfully promote affiliate products on pages that exist in my website stevesteinereviews.com? I was thinking of "review" pages for each affiliate product I was promoting.

Am I out in left field somewhere?

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    Exact Match Domains (or emd) sometimes rank better, but if you're planning to do lots of review pages reviewing different products, then building an authority site is the better way, imho.

    Here's an older thread you might find useful.


    Good Luck.

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    If keywords are in the domain name then it is very useful in getting ranking for that keywords
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    You can study via Skype.
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    Domain name really does matter.
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    Depends on your niche, if you plan to run a micro niche in each website, EMD might be better. But if you want to run lots of niches on one website, EMD won't be a good choice unless those niches are closely related. According to what you said, EMD domain name might be better for your website.
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    Domain name is the greatest factor to rank better your website in Google.
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