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Back in February, I started a new Adsense site in a health niche. One of the pages of my site has done very well with ranking in Google for the keyword it was optimized for.

- Traffic Travis stats

It's currently at #4 (the one with 2 backlinks). Question is, how to I move up and surpass the top 3?

I have done a lot more backlinking than the screenshot indicates, but none of them are getting indexed.

I have:
-Submitted 2 press releases linking to the page to 10 different PR directories using the keyword as the anchor text.
-Paid for 30 .edu backlinks to the page using the keyword as the anchor text.
-Submitted the page to approximately 20 social bookmarking sites.
-Submitted an article linking to the page to 3 of the top article directories.

What else should I do on a limited budget (as in, I don't have the budget to pay for one way links to high PR sites or anything else too expensive)?
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    Hi Kecia,

    few tips:

    ping and bookmarked where you place your backlink ( so, it is wise to store your url backlink list)
    consider bog commenting ( use comment kahuna or search it youself at google blog search)
    send to content directory ( scribd , slideshare , docsotc )
    use squiido , hubpages to drive traffic and backlink to your pages
    use yahoositeexplorer to see where your competitor bakclink came from. Reverse engineering it :-)

    hope this help
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    you should post new pages on a frequent basis(1-10posts a day) to be effective with your on-site SEO/organic strategy.YOur postsshould vary in length and your post titles should be intuitive as to how people are searching as much as possibly.

    posting good content on 3rd party sites that rank well in Google is a great way to gain multiple rankings for a particular phrase or keyword, or rankings at all if its a competitive phrase.

    Another amazing way to post content to other sites is through online press releases (I recommend - Coupon code: EXP75).

    1. Building Out Your Own Site's Content -
    2. Posting on 3rd Party Sites and Platforms
    3. Forums and Blogs
    4. Sharing Buttons
    5. Classified Sites
    6. Social Interaction
    7. Videos
    8. Maximizing your Traffic
    Pop-up window to join your mailing list (it works although it can be annoying if it pops too quickly).
    - Adding a sweepstakes or contest to your site with WildFireApp, which will allow you to capture visitors information
    Having social sharing buttons in the layout, as well as the Facebook Fan page widget so they can Like your Fan Page right from any page of the site.
    - Making sure to respond to all blog comments so people will comment again.
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    Add new content while building backlinks as often as possible (within your budget)
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    Hi Kecia,

    First question is, are the articles and press releases indexed? Regardless, you should have more than the two backlinks showing just from the social bookmarks and paid links - something wrong with that picture.

    Secondly, are those two top sites optimized for the keyword phrase you're targeting? If they are, you'll have a very tough time beating them. Today, the "authority-ness" of the site, and the links are the 'weightiest' factors affecting ranking. Based only on those stats shown, aged hi-PR sites with hundreds of backlinks are likely to have high 'Authority', and so unless they have those rankings solely on the strength of that 'Authority' - meaning they aren't directly optimized for your targeted keyword phrase - you might want to look for other keyword phrases to focus on.

    If they aren't directly optimized for your targeted keyword phrase - AND your site is reasonably strong and well-optimized - then you have a shot.

    It's going to come down largely to links, specifically "total backlink value", which increasingly means you're going to need 'strong' links, rather than just volume. This means editorial (in-content) links, and links on 'strong' pages. Currently, the best ways to do that are spun content syndication, and 'guest blogging' or article writing, meaning content with your link that appears on sites other than article directories or content aggregators.

    Though not a short-term fix, one way to start 'preparing' for future efforts is to begin developing your own network, under your control: start building up some Web 2.0 sites on different platforms. The idea is to have platforms that you can use to create your own in-content links 'on demand'. And by doing some general link-building to those sites, you'll develop a network able to give you increasingly strong backlinks.

    Check out what's going on with the links you've already done or paid for, at the very least, you should get some value out of your dollars and efforts.


    PS - feel free to PM or email me Kecia, I'd be happy to take a more detailed look if you like, and I owe you...
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    ^Thanks Michael. As soon as I saw your username, I realized I should have posted in the A100k Blueprint forum as well. The site is the first one I made following your blueprint.

    I will take a look at the backlinks I have built and purchased to see if they are still live and indexed. Then I'll send you a message.
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